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2014-02-21 11:21:50 -0500 answered a question Working with 16-bit tiff images

I would be very interested in knowing the answer to this question too. A lot of scientific cameras have greater bit depth (usually 10 or 12 at the FPA level) and thus output 16bit grayscale images (e.g. IR cameras). Webcam and commercial cameras are almost invariably 8bit RGB.

There are several issues with handling 16bit grayscale images: one is that your computer display (normally) is an 8bit display and therefore it cannot show the full dynamic range of such images. As a result you may end up staring at a boring grey field, because either the OS or your video adapter driver makes the choice of which 8bit are displayed. Therefore you need to actively tell it which 8bit you are going to display (i.e. where is your signal? 8MSB or 8lsb? Middle?) and transform the image to 8bit before displaying ( e.g. ).

On the other end, while you process images, you usually want to keep the whole 16bit depth, especially when hunting for low SNR signatures, like one often does in remote sensing.

So, what is the support that SimpleCV has for 16bit TIFF images? If none, does it automatically convert everything to 8bit per channel RGB? In this case information would be lost: for a grayscale 16bit image what happens is that 8bit are chosen out of the 16 and replicated over the three color channels.

2014-02-21 11:09:15 -0500 asked a question Image class missing maxValue() method?

Hello, I am using SimpleCV 1.3 on Windows 7, installed from the super pack. It seems to be working well, but I can't find a method in the Image class: maxValue(). What I mean is that there is no such method in my installation, while it is referenced in the online (web) documentation. Is this because I don't have the latest and greatest development version or because of some other issue?

If I need to get the latest version, what is the best method to upgrade from the superpack?

Thanks in advance!