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I cannot install simpleCV framework on Windows 7

asked 2012-08-16 08:00:38 -0500

marco619 gravatar image

updated 2012-08-16 08:05:21 -0500

Hi to everyone, I'm newbie in simpleCV I bought the ebook from O'relly, and I m in the chapter 2 ( Installing simpleCV on Windows 7 ) I downloaded the superpack intaller for windows and I follow this manual for the installer ( ) I saw a fews errors in the installation , and I try to run the simple example in from the ebook and it show me the following errors :

C:\SimpleCV1.3\pruebas> python
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1, in <module>
    from SimpleCV import Camera, Display , Image
  File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\SimpleCV\", line 3, in <module>

    from SimpleCV.base import *
  File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\SimpleCV\", line 21, in <module>
    import pygame as pg
ImportError: No module named pygame

Can anyone help me please ??

thanks :(

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Ok, I ran CCleaner and restart windows and install PIL from here ( ) I started my webcam and execute the script and finally it run ok !! problem resolved !! Thanks to everyone .

marco619 gravatar imagemarco619 ( 2012-08-17 20:24:16 -0500 )edit

It Helped me to!!!

narutovihang gravatar imagenarutovihang ( 2014-02-15 20:16:58 -0500 )edit

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answered 2012-08-16 09:10:35 -0500

kscottz gravatar image

It appears pygame did not install correctly. The ImportError: "No module named pygame" means that python either can't find the module called pygame, or that pygame installed to the wrong location. Go to the pygame website and manually install pygame. Alternatively you can familiarize yourself with some of the python package tools like PIP and easy_install. My guess is that if you are having problems with pygame you will problems with some other packages. Keep at it and keep us posted.

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answered 2012-08-17 20:13:11 -0500

marco619 gravatar image

thanks for help me, I right now have this Warning.

WARNING: You need the python image library to save by filehandle

How to resolve it ???


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It sounds like the original installation didn't work, take a look at the manual instructions here:

It sounds like you as missing some of the libraries, for instance you now need to do: easy_install PIL

xamox gravatar imagexamox ( 2012-08-19 07:03:18 -0500 )edit

It sounds like the original installation didn't work, take a look at the manual instructions here:

xamox gravatar imagexamox ( 2012-08-19 07:03:19 -0500 )edit

answered 2012-08-16 12:02:06 -0500

xamox gravatar image

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Maybe the pygame installation had some problems. Please try manually installing pygame from here:

Once you have pygame installed try to run SimpleCV again and let me know if you still run into issues.

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