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import image dataset using local file path

asked 2012-08-03 07:17:50 -0500

anonymous user


Hello all, I am using windows vista, and downloaded the latest version of SimpleCV. Importing a single image from a file path is fine. But I am not able to import an entire dataset. Single image in file path:

img = Image("/Users/Arenzky/Desktop/Image Database/Klaipeda Pier/pier_unsupervised/536482.jpg") -------- THIS WORKS FINE

Import image folder (.zip format):

machine_learning_data_set = "/Users/Arenzky/Desktop/" data_path = download_and_extract(machine_learning_data_set) print 'Test Images Downloaded at:', data_path

The import of 'http://...' dataset works fine. I am just not able to import my local folder.

I got the error message ValueError: unknown url type: /Users/.../

I tried several possibilities and searched almost every possible blog. What I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help

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answered 2012-08-07 09:09:40 -0500

kscottz gravatar image

So I don't have a copy of windows handy to double check, but I don't think import image set from a zip file is a valid function call. I tried it on my Mac and it didn't work and it doesn't appear to be in the docs.

However, this could be a really helpful interface for machine learning. I encourage you to file a feature request on Github and I will see if the GSoC interns can add that functionality for you.

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Asked: 2012-08-03 07:17:50 -0500

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