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How To use simplecv normalized Correlation ?? Any sample codes ??

asked 2012-07-03 20:28:54 -0500

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How To use normalized Correlation ?? Any sample codes ??

My problem:

i have a screw head image , i need to find the center of the screw i thinking of using opencv correlation , what do you think about this friends ????

You can find the sample image below :

please provide me some sample codes for correlation in open cv???

How to use it ?

What is the output of the correlation function ??

Will the correlation function will provide the screw location ???

Please suggest/help me :)

Thanks in advance !!


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answered 2012-07-06 09:39:28 -0500

kscottz gravatar image

Have you looked at the findTemplate() function? It performs a sliding window correlation. You may need to monkey with the threshold to get it right. You can pick between a variety of correlation methods. If you need the raw correlation data you might need to write your own function following the findTemplate method as a template. If you do this send me a pull request and I can add it to the library.

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