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asked 2014-12-27 06:04:18 -0500

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Hi everyone, I'm currently working on some fuzzy pattern recognition algorithm and trying to apply it in image processing. The preprocessing step is shown as follow.

Starting from a bitmap image, I need to convert it in grayscale doing so:

retina_image = Image('img/retina.ppm') # load input image
grey_retina_image = retina_image.greyscale() # convert input image to grayscale

Next I need to work on each pixel brightness level so I used getNumpy():

grey_matrix = grey_retina_image.getNumpy() # get pixel brightness matrix

If I try to print grey_matrix the output kinda weird:

[[[2 2 2] [3 3 3] [2 2 2] ...,
[2 2 2] [1 1 1] [4 4 4]]

I mean, if my input image size is 700 x 605 pixels, how can I get its 700 x 605 matrix ? That is what I need to work on. Recap... Starting from an image of 700 x 605 pixels (grayscale), how can I get the 'whole matrix' associated with it ?

Thank you in advance.

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