Raspberry Pi + Camera Module (live video feed) for Edge Detection possible?

asked 2014-11-25 16:54:16 -0500

pmap93 gravatar image


This is my very first post here :D

I'm trying to explore SimpleCV since I need to do edge detection in my project. OpenCV is so difficult to integrate in Raspberry Pi Im hoping it is possible.

I need the R-Pi camera module to capture live video and as shape pass by it, it will draw the edges.

Basically, i need the R-Pi to detect the door of a commercial aircraft, but neglect the windows since they are also a bit rectangular. Have a motor that 'seeks' for the door with the camera attached to it.

I also need some sort of response, because, when the camera can see that the door is now at the center of the capturing screen, i need a response. I need to stop the motor - that's the idea.

But nevermind that :P Is it possible to do Edge Detection from a live-video feed with Raspberry Pi and its camera Module??

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