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Windows 7 up to date installation Guide/ packages

asked 2014-09-25 18:23:52 -0500

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So I've recently installed SimpleCV V1.3 Superpack (9/18/14) but I believe there are FeatureSets missing. Before I discovered that issue, I was struggling with getting iPython to work similar to the PyCon video which ended up not working. After lots of searching, I had decided to install Anaconda to get everything installed together. I ran into the same FeatureSets problem so I downloaded the codes from gitHub repository and replaced the previous codes. With Anaconda, the iPython notebook still doesn't work with the display() or show() function and I saw somewhere that it was due to new version release of iPython. Under Anaconda, I now have all (or seems like all) FeatureSets that the PyCon video talks about but then the example scripts do not work. On the other hand, the examples work fine with the SuperPack install. Except with that, the notebook does not work at all when called from within the SimpleCV shell.

Basically I want to know what is still up to date and if there is a set of specific instructions to get everything fully functional because it seems like a lot has changed but the installation guide did not properly address these changes and no new tutorials are there.

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answered 2014-09-28 18:41:02 -0500

I have noticed that many people have difficulty to install SimpleCV so I decided to develop a software to automatically install it with just one click installs and configures simplecv python and its dependencies, just run "SimpleCVAutoInstall.exe" file the software is ready, finished uploading now!

anyone can download it at the link

winxp, win7, win8 and win 8.1

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