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Problem detecting shapes

asked 2014-06-25 03:41:10 -0500

oyvinaak gravatar image


I have some trouble detecting/extracting some shapes from this image. When I try to find blobs, I can only find the background, not the bits of tape. Can someone please tell me the best way to extract the shapes formed by the bits of tape in the image provided?

This is just a test to familiarize myself with SimpleCV. Ultimately I will try to detect yellow lines and determine their angle etc. for localization.

Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-06-25 05:04:21 -0500

oyvinaak gravatar image

Since my problem was that only the background was detected as the blob, I found the bits of tape by first inverting the raw image. This seems to work, but I would also appreciate other solutions :)

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Asked: 2014-06-25 03:41:10 -0500

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