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"Path does not exist!" error when making animated gif with ImageSet()

asked 2014-04-24 00:28:27 -0500

Sot gravatar image

Hello! I'm trying to make animated gifs using snapshots from a camera as frames. I'm using Windows 7, SimpleCV v1.3 and python 27 (32bit). This is the code I use:

import SimpleCV
import time

cam = SimpleCV.Camera()
imset = SimpleCV.ImageSet()

framecount = 0
while(framecount < 50):
    img = cam.getImage()
    framecount = framecount + 1
    #print framecount
    time.sleep(0.5)'test.gif', verbose=True)

Everything works, but when the last command is run and all the frames are to be combined, I get error messages like this:

c:\users\ ...\appdata\local\temp\tmpmqswcw.png Path does not exist!

I can see all those .png frames in the temp folder, they do exist. I suppose at some point a path conversion goes wrong? Alternatively, how to manually set another temporary directory?

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answered 2014-04-24 22:49:34 -0500

pashakun gravatar image

a totally n00b opinion, but could it be a permission issue?

maybe try saving it in a folder on C: drive specifying a path, i.e."c:/users/blah/test.gif", verbose=True)

documentation says if you don't specify a path, one will be randomly generated.

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