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"Matplotlib is not installed and required" warning?

asked 2013-11-15 13:07:40 -0500

dangerboy gravatar image

updated 2013-11-15 15:46:33 -0500

I'm working through the book Practical Computer Vision with SimpleCV.

I'm trying to plot(histogram) within the SimpleCV shell and get a warning: "Matplotlib is not installed and required"

I downloaded Matplotlib and installed, but I still seem to get this message. Is there a special way to install Matplotlib so that SimpleCV can find it?

-- upon further trials, all ending in errir... It seems as if my problem is with Windows not playing nice with matplotlib?
-- I can import matplotlib run from a script file, in the python shell, and within the SimpleCV shell; but using plot() causes an error. from the python shell my error is something about a DLL not playing nice. I tried to clean up the DLL. I've tried a 'clean' install of Matplotlib, but I get the same result. -- I'm using a 64bit Windows 7, with Python 2.7 for 64bit. I tried matplotlib for 64bit... -- I'm thinking of trying Python(x,y) for windows??... will installing this mess with anything that SimpleCV needs/uses? -- any other advice?


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answered 2013-11-20 16:05:27 -0500

dangerboy gravatar image

ok... time to answer my own question... (seems that my problem may be 'unique'?) here is my story...

After trying a lot of stuff, I completely removed everything related to Python and SimpleCV. I used Windows Add/Remove Programs to first remove anything listed, then I deleted all folders that had anything extra related to Python...

I then installed Python(x,y) first. There was only one 'super' installer given from the web site, so I used that. It looks like it installed 32 bit Python 2.7, and just about every math and science package you could think of!... works great!

However, SimpleCV is not part of Python(x,y)... (it should be)... so I used the 'super' installer from (only one choice given on the web). During the install, I cancelled the Python install part since I already had it from Python (x,y). Everything else, I just said yes to (even though some things might have been the same from Python(x,y)).

After installing SimpleCV, calling simplecv from the terminal failed. lots of traceback info with the last line having numpy in it. So I re-installed numpy...

Calling simplecv from the terminal again failed... lots of traceback info, one of the last lines having scipy in it. So, I re-installed scipy.

finally! everything works! AND histogram plots work! yhea!

... although it was a long road, at least I discovered how cool Python(x,y) is! I'm a heavy Matlab user, but this Python(x,y) could be a nice tool for projects outside of Matlab!

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