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asked 2013-11-14 05:35:05 -0500

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As a good pupil, I started to learn on UBuntu 12..04 the very fisrt step tutorials but when loading the logo "simplecv" I saw that there was no directory with this file. Impossible to follow the other tutorials. I just succeeded saving a photo from my webcam but impossible to watch it with Pygame... Well, many little problems diffficult to solve. However, the tutorials seem so simple and clear, I'd like to continue to learn them...

Next, I installed with pip from the sightmachine and tryed again the tutorial by the shell method. However, the result was the same. Do I have to install using clone of simple cv repository ?

I'm a bit lost. I thought the method was good for learning simplecv but each step seems difficult. thank you for your help Gaël

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After testing different methods to try to see an image, I can notice that there is no "simplecv" logo and the display function makes an error. I used the tutorial to show any png image in a directory, the directory was found and a file was found I used "print" to read them while the program run, however, the display pygame is not able to show anything. Is it due to the fact that there is not this "simplecv" logo in a directrory or does it miss any library to make the display working correctly ? Thank you

glg gravatar imageglg ( 2013-11-14 07:18:12 -0500 )edit

Display Problem solved. Afetr reading and trying, I had nothhing left to try except the last installation using clone in the sightmachine repository. I tryed the firts one: Install with pipe but no change. I thought the second and last one would be the same but I tryed it asI had nothing else to do. And miracle, the display window worked... About 6 hours to find the solution. However, there is still no directory with the simplecv logo and in some programs thsi one is asked... I hope it will no longer be needed So, now, I have to face the next problem...or not... Thank you

glg gravatar imageglg ( 2013-11-14 08:16:08 -0500 )edit