AVTCamera error

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Hello everyone after trying SimpleCV with a AVT Pike Firewire camera (see here) I have been having trouble getting AVTCamera to work. Using the example on SimpleCV's page about using the AVT package I get a return error Class AVTCamera not found. I have reinstalled SimpleCV, and everything else seems to work. I am using the legacy drivers like was suggested by the wiki, but for some reason I cannot get this to work, has anyone else had luck with AVT in SimpleCV?

Here is the error I am receiving:

from SimpleCV import *

cam = AVTCamera()

img = cam.getImage()



NameError: name 'AVTCamera' is not defined

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Are you using the development branch? Anything SimpleCV 1.3 or previous won't have support for AVT.

xamox gravatar imagexamox ( 2013-10-17 21:26:20 -0500 )edit