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How do I fix windows 7 super pack install

asked 2013-09-04 11:53:35 -0500

RonW gravatar image

I run the windows super pack install and get error message when it tries to set the path. Many steps seem to execute properly then I get a series of error when the system tries to copy a series of files. No desktop icons are being created. When I search through the programs list I can find and start the python shell and the simple CV shell but none of the examples work. I manually entered path commands which seemed to do something and tried a reinstall still did not work.

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answered 2013-09-04 14:43:10 -0500

cfrysinger gravatar image

Be sure you have access to github as the install seems to go out to get the latest files. I had the same issue but it was cleared up once I was on a network that did not have github blocked.

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Asked: 2013-09-04 11:53:35 -0500

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