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setx windows 7

asked 2013-08-30 07:17:47 -0500

hugh2000 gravatar image

SimpleCV team,

I have installed SimpleCV on my windows7 pc all went fine at the exception of the SETX command. This fails every time either i do the manual or automatic install. Tried all solutions proposed on the forums but no success. as far as i can see the only install issue is the setx SETX PATH C:/Python27/;C:/Python27/Scripts/;C:/OpenCV2.3/opencv/build/x86/vc10/bin/;%PATH% SETX PYTHONPATH C:/OpenCV2.3/opencv/build/python/2.7/;%PYTHONPATH% rest goes fine.

I would appreciate any help on getting this installed on my pc as it is fine on OSX and ubuntu.



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answered 2013-09-04 12:06:45 -0500

RonW gravatar image

Surround with quotes and add the /M switch. Seemed to work SETX PATH "C:/Python27/;C:/Python27/Scripts/;C:/OpenCV2.3/opencv/build/x86/vc10/bin/;%PATH%" /M SETX PYTHONPATH "C:/OpenCV2.3/opencv/build/python/2.7/;%PYTHONPATH%" /M

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