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How should the example work?

asked 2013-08-07 14:50:03 -0500

tallboyy gravatar image

I am new to SimpleCV and programming in general. I was trying one of the example files ( with one of my own images from my HDD. The window opens and I train the photo by clicking in the corners etc. Then the program continues to run and shows me the points it maps for the feature detection. Is it supposed to save after a short time, do I need to click on something else? If I close the window or stop the program I get some errors with the file (I saw that someone else was getting these same errors trying to run another script and the solution provided didn't work for me). Can anyone help?

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answered 2013-08-09 22:31:10 -0500

Davis Marques gravatar image

The program does not save the image to a file; it only displays it on screen. If you look at line 73 of the program, you will see this:

This tells SimpleCV to take the current img value and then write it to display. In this case display is the window you see on your computer screen, that is showing you the webcam image. You can read about this in the SimpleCV documentation for the Image class.

Don't worry about the errors you see when you exit. The example should be improved to take account for that state, but its of no consequence for you.

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