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How can tell if the face detected is sideways?

asked 2013-06-27 12:09:50 -0500

tdilly gravatar image

I'm iterating a directory of images and cropping the faces. However some of these photos are sideways and I need to rotate the photo but I'm not sure how to go about this. The images are all different sizes so I can't use height/width of the image.

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answered 2013-09-03 22:34:00 -0500

i can you you are a new learner in image learner in image processing, my suggestion is to download an image application in which rotate the photo is the simple thing for you with tutorial. concerning your different sizes you might wanna use image cropping in batch or set your height and width. it is not so difficult.

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Asked: 2013-06-27 12:09:50 -0500

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