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Stereo camera calibration workflow

asked 2013-06-02 19:19:53 -0500

lazd gravatar image

updated 2013-06-02 22:09:45 -0500

I've been trying (and failing) to tune my stereo camera setup, and I wanted to post my workflow to make sure the steps I'm taking are correct. I apologize for the monster post, but I felt I relevant to include the full code for every step I'm taking in case I'm making a simple error along the way.


  • Model: Microsoft LifeCam Cinema
  • Resolution: 176x144 (unable to pull large images over USB2 for some reason)
  • Baseline (distance between sensors): 2.9cm
  • Focal length: unknown
  • Pixels per mm: unknown
  • Disparity pixels: unknown

Stereo camera setup

Hardware & Software

  • HP Slate 500, dual core Atom 1.6GHz
  • lubuntu 12.10
  • OpenCV 2.3 from Ubuntu repositories
  • SimpleCV develop branch

Here is my workflow:

Run from SimpleCV with a 8x6 chessboard that has 2.5cm squares

python --camera 1 --width 8 --height 6 --gridsize 0.025

Results in defaultInstrinsic.xml and defaultDistortion.xml which I move to calibration/LifeCamInstrinsic.xml and calibration/LifeCamDistortion.xml.

Load the camera calibration and dump a couple undistorted images from both cameras

from cv2 import cv
import SimpleCV

captureSize = [176, 144]
props = {
    "width": captureSize[0],
    "height": captureSize[1]

leftCam = SimpleCV.Camera(1, prop_set=props)
rightCam = SimpleCV.Camera(2, prop_set=props)


while True:
        leftImage = leftCam.getImageUndistort()
        rightImage = rightCam.getImageUndistort()

        win = leftImage.sideBySide(rightImage).show()'leftImage.jpg')'rightImage.jpg')

    except KeyboardInterrupt:
        print 'Quitting...'

Results in leftImage.jpg leftImage.jpg and rightImage.jpg rightImage.jpg

Run Martin Peris' Stereo BM Tuner with the dumped images, get a decent looking set of values that has closer objects in white and further objects in gray/black

cd StereoBMTuner/
main -left ../leftImage.jpg -right ../rightImage.jpg

Results in some state values and a decent looking disparity map:

StereoBMTuner Screenshot

Run SimpleCV.StereoCamera.stereoCalibration with 20 boards in various positions

import SimpleCV

stereoCam = SimpleCV.StereoCamera()
calib = stereoCam.stereoCalibration(1, 2, nboards=20, chessboard=(8, 6), gridsize=0.025, WinSize=(176, 144))

stereoCam.saveCalibration(calib, 'Q.yml')

Results in a handful of files:

Q.ymlCM1.txt  Q.ymlCM2.txt  Q.ymlD1.txt  Q.ymlD2.txt  Q.ymlE.txt  Q.ymlF.txt  Q.ymlR.txt  Q.ymlT.txt

Run SimpleCV.StereoCamera.stereoRectify to obtain Disparity to Depth matrix (Q)

import SimpleCV
import as cv

stereoCam = SimpleCV.StereoCamera()
calib = stereoCam.loadCalibration("Q.yml")
R1, R2, P1, P2, Q, roi = stereoCam.stereoRectify(calib)

cv.Save("Qmatrix.yml", Q)

Results in Qmatrix.xml

Load camera calibrations and Q matrix, then grab live undistorted images and call SimpleCV.StereoImage.get3DImage

from cv2 import cv
import SimpleCV

captureSize = [176, 144]
props = {
    "width": captureSize[0],
    "height": captureSize[1]

camLeft = SimpleCV.Camera(1, prop_set=props)
camRight = SimpleCV.Camera(2, prop_set=props)


Q = cv.Load("Qmatrix.yml")

state = {
    "preFilterType": 5,
    "preFilterCap": 8,
    "SADWindowSize": 17,
    "minDisparity": 10,
    "nDisparity": 16,
    "textureThreshold": 0,
    "uniquenessRatio": 0,
    "speckleWindowSize": 0,
    "speckleRange": 0

while True:
    imageLeft = camLeft.getImageUndistort()
    imageRight = camRight.getImageUndistort()

    s = SimpleCV.StereoImage(imageLeft, imageRight)

    image3d = s ...
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answered 2014-04-23 03:44:04 -0500

hassan-bdw gravatar image

i just need to ask you a question how to grab frames while detecting chessboard in stereoCalibration the instruction say i should press space but apparently the keyboard input is not taken

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You just press space when focused on the image preview. Works for me in LXTerminal on Lubuntu 12.04 with SimpleCV 1.3.0

lazd gravatar imagelazd ( 2014-05-07 22:08:54 -0500 )edit

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