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How to access the 5Mp resolution of my Webcam

asked 2013-05-10 06:11:38 -0500

JiPi gravatar image


I have a Logitech c170 webcam (VGA for video, 5Mp as a simple camera).

I've programmed a Time Lapse Camera to make a movie of the growing Nature in my small garden. It's working perfectly by I'm not satisfied with the picture quality (limited now to the VGA mode).

Given the really low acquisition rate, I was wondering to use the 5Mp sensor's capability to increase the movie quality.

Thanks for your help!


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answered 2013-05-16 08:09:28 -0500

Nathan Oostendorp gravatar image

Depending on your OS, OpenCV's UVC camera support may not handle all resolutions, especially with newer cameras. I would see if you can dig up an OpenCV example and get the resolution you want -- or if you're running in Linux, try using pygame (you can force pygame on Linux by specifying a resolution in your camera initialization).

If there is a utility that can acquire images at the desired resolution, you can often use that program (VLC, etc) as a JpegCamera or to save the images to a directory -- then pick it up with SimpleCV from there. It's hacky, but until UVC is truly "universal" its sometimes the only way to get past the standard 640x480.

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