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how to do convex defects in simplecv?

asked 2013-05-07 03:17:55 -0500

chengdujin gravatar image

i can find convex hull but not defect. it's possible to import cv to do this but i want to do pure simplecv programming.


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The ticket has been solved. You can use it by Blob.getConvexityDefects(). You can download simplecv from github. and do check the docs by Blob.getConvexityDefects?

jayrambhia gravatar imagejayrambhia ( 2013-05-08 17:14:04 -0500 )edit

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answered 2013-05-07 09:25:15 -0500

kscottz gravatar image

We don't currently have a convexity defect feature in the Blob class but I could see where it would be a nice feature to have. I went ahead and filed a ticket for it. There is a good example of how to do it in the ticket. If I get some spare time I will give it a shot. If you want to try to do it yourself let us know and we will provide as much support as we can and merge it into develop. Here is the example. The method probably should live in the BlobMaker class.

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answered 2013-05-21 04:22:02 -0500

chengdujin gravatar image

hi jay, thanks for your work. i'm playing with this these days and unfortunately i got some problem. it seems getConvexityDefects will get program dead in 10 sec if's inside a loop & 2.the area of the blob (e.g. hand in is larger than some value (mine is 70000). help needed

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