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Can I implement my own featureExtractors?

asked 2013-04-29 07:26:54 -0500

blz gravatar image

updated 2013-04-29 07:31:08 -0500

I was glancing through the source code and I was wondering if there were any caveats to implementing my own featureExtractor. Is it just a matter of subclassing FeatureExtractorBase and implementing getFieldNames, getNumFieds and extract or is there some other sorcery involved?

In other words: Is FeatureExtractorBase intended to be subclassed by end-users?

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answered 2013-04-29 09:06:40 -0500

kscottz gravatar image

To answer your question, yes, FeatureExtractorBase is totally meant to be subclassed. That is what it is there for. If you come up with something cool send us a pull request.

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Asked: 2013-04-29 07:26:54 -0500

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