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Orange installed but not enabled?

asked 2013-04-06 03:40:08 -0500

Ben Hoyle gravatar image


I'm trying to use the machine learning libraries.

I've installed Orange (both via easyinstall and by downloading the source) but the code returns an error. I think I've narrowed it down to the check on the ORANGEENABLED variable - this appears to be false.

Any idea how I set the ORANGE_ENABLED variable to true following install of Orange (Orange is importing with no errors in other py scripts)? I assume it's some kind of system variable...

Many thanks,


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answered 2013-10-26 03:53:49 -0500

Davis Marques gravatar image

grep'ing the SimpleCV library reveals that the "ORANGE_ENABLED" variable is set in the module. Here's the relevant block of code from

        import orange
    except ImportError:
        import Orange; import orange
    import orngTest #for cross validation
    import orngStat
    import orngEnsemble # for bagging / boosting
except ImportError:

If SVMClassifier is failing for you on the ORANGE_ENABLED check, then we know that the import failed in the code block above.

Are you sure that the script you are executing is using the same python installation as the other scripts where the Orange import succeeds? I would suggest that you try and interactively import orange at the console and see if it works. Perhaps that will help you narrow down the source of the problem.

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