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What is best approach to creating a SimpleCV based Windows 7 application with GUI

asked 2013-01-15 04:38:56 -0500

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updated 2013-01-23 22:28:03 -0500


I have been working with SimpleCV for quite some time now. I have created first version of a working script using the library. Kudos to all the developers for making such a wonderful library available to everyone. Perhaps I will also be able to contribute towards the effort one day. For now, I would like to create a Windows Application just like any other professional application so that users can try it and provide me feedback for improvement. I am wondering what the best option is for the same?

I have heard the visual studio with .net or C# can be used or Qt can also be used. As earlier pointed by @xamox, PyGTK is also an option.

I do not have prior experience with GUI building tools other than Visual Studio (.net). But am ready to learn a new tool if it would be a better option...

Please guide me regarding the same.

EDIT : I have been trying to work with IronPython but since SimpleCV is not available as module, I am wondering if someone has successfully used IronPython to create a SimpleCV based application.

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answered 2013-04-23 21:06:31 -0500

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Graphical User Interface

As you pointed, there's PyGTK and PyQt. If you want graphical design tool similar to Visual Studio, there's Glade for GTK and Qt Designer for Qt.

Windows Executable

You can use py2exe or PyInstaller to convert Python scripts into executable Windows programs.

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