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i make

Image to be Treated:

image description

Image after disinclination:

image description

Binarized image:

image description

Final Picture With Optical Character Recognition:

image description

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from SimpleCV import *
import time

img = Image("ret.png")

blobs = img.findBlobs()
print "Objetos Encontrados --> %i\n" % (len(blobs))
if blobs:
    blobs = blobs[-1]
    print "Angulo do Objeto --> %i\n" % (blobs.angle())
    print "Aplicando rotação para desinclinação da imagem!"
    img = img.smartRotate()   
    bin = img.binarize()
    text = bin.readText()[:-5]
    if text:
        string = "Texto reconhecido da Imagem:-->%s" % (text)

hope this helps you, sorry but my English is not very good